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p style=”text-align:center;”RIYL = Cannibal Corpse brutality with Death progressiveness amp; melody of In Flames/p
p style=”text-align:center;”a href=”” | a href=””Facebook/a | a href=””Twittter/a | a href=””Reverbnation/a | a href=”″Soundcloud/a/p
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p style=”text-align:center;”Sales Links: a href=”″Bandcamp /a | a href=””Big Cartel/a/p
p style=”text-align:center;”strongTOUR ALERT: Death Metal Crusaders KRYOSPHERE Announce #8216;West Koast Katastrophe#8217; Tour/strong/p
p style=”text-align:center;”strongimg src=”” alt=”Kryosphere-Group-PromoShoot-070714″ //strong/p
p style=”text-align:center;”L-R #8211; Dave Waram #8211; Guitar, Davis Hay #8211; Vocals, Brent Bell #8211; Drums, Stephanie Bell #8211; Bass/p
div    Edmonton, AB#8217;s death metal crusaders strongKRYOSPHERE/strong are proud to announce their #8216;strongWest Koast Katastrophe Tour/strong#8216; that will kick off in Nelson, BC on September 18 at Kootenay Coop Radio for in studio performance and interview on the Nelson On Nelson show and wrap up in Edmonton, AB on September 28th./div
div#8220;We have been waiting a while now to get out to the West coast, and we are stoked to be getting all the way to Vancouver Island for two dates. With all the festivals we have played this summer so far, it will be nice to seal the deal so to speak and do it night after night for different crowds. In Vancouver we get to play a one-night special with ENTROPIA, which is going to be a hell of an introduction to the Vancouver metal scene. I mean for Brent our drummer, this will be a long time coming return to the big water, but the first for KRYOSPHERE. Also a big shout out to Terry Anderson of RTK for making this all a possibility, we wouldn#8217;t be headed out if it wasn#8217;t for his dedication. Support your local metal scenes!#8221; comments bassist Stephanie Bell./div
divTour Promo Video: a href=””
diva title=”kryosphere | west koast katastrophe tour promo video” href=”” target=”_blank”img src=”” alt=”kryosphere | west koast katastrophe tour promo video” border=”0″ //a/div
divMaintaining a strong connection with the roots of old-school death metal, strongKryosphere/strong, established in 2008, by drummer Brent Bell (ex-Spawned by Rot, ex-Butcher’d), Stephanie Bell on bass, Dave Waram on guitar, and Davis Hay on vocals have released two EPs, 2013#8242;s #8216;SOL#8217; and 2011 debut #8216;Six Feet Under#8217; with a follow up in the works for late 2014 / early 2015. Combining memorable riffs, soaring solos, powerful vocals plus thumping bass drives to inventive and technical drumming, strongKRYOSPHERE/strong has been able to draw crowds of metal fans with hails horns high. The band has shared the stage with Putrescence, Dead Jesus, Unleash The Archers, West of Hell, Archspire and many more from the Western Canadian metal scene./div
divFREE DOWNLOAD #8211; SOL #8211; EP/div
diva href=””
diva href=”″
divFREE DOWNLOAD / PAY WHAT YOU WANT #8211; Six Feet Under #8211; EP - a href=””
divimg src=”” alt=”" width=”450″ height=”650″ //div
divstrongWest Koast Katastrophe Tour Dates/strong:/div
p18-Sep #8211; Nelson, BC #8211; Kootenay Coop Radiobr /
19-Sep #8211; Vancouver, BC #8211; Funky Winkerbeansbr /
20-Sep #8211; Victoria, BC #8211; The Cambiebr /
21-Sep #8211; Nanaimo, BC #8211; The Queensbr /
23-Sep #8211; Kelowna, BC #8211; Fernando#8217;sbr /
24-Sep #8211; Cranbrook, BC #8211; Byng Roadhousebr /
25-Sep #8211; Medicine Hat, AB #8211; Liquid Niteclubbr /
26-Sep #8211; Calgary, AB #8211; TBAbr /
27-Sep #8211; Red Deer, AB #8211; The Blarney Stonebr /
28-Sep #8211; Edmonton, AB #8211; TBA/p
pFor more info, please visit the following links:/p
pa href=””
pa href=””
pa href=””
pa href=”″
pKryosphere at its core has always maintained strong connections with an old-school Death Metal sound, while embracing the new ideas of their younger peers. In short, they are a modern death metal band that knows how to draw a crowd across the massive gulf of metal fans./p
pFormed in 2008 by drummer Brent Bell (ex-Spawned by Rot, ex-Butcher’d) with line changes through its early years, Kryosphere finally solidified an identity with Brent Bell on drums, Stephanie Bell on bass, Dave Waram on guitar, and Davis Hay on vocals. Their debut EP “At Six Feet” was unleashed in 2011 and followed by their 2013 self-release EP “SOL”./p
pGreat attention has been placed on song writing, and it shows on. The uniquely structured music of “SOL” has memorable riffs that are often lacking in today’s metal. Soaring solos and powerful vocals accompany thick bang along sections, while thumping bass drives the overall feeling of every song. Inventive and technical drumming steer the band through multiple time changes and differing movements./p
p style=”text-align:center;”- 30 -/p
p“…the percussion underscores everything with rolling thunder, and the song includes hammering rhythms and a nice melodic hook shooting through the skin-flaying riffage…” – No Clean Singing review of At Six Feet EP/p
p“Kryosphere are a seriously tight knit band, every single member on point. Because they are a four-piece with no lead guitarist, they are extremely rhythmic and are able to really play heavily…” -Crown of Viserys Live Review from Farmageddon 2014./p
pstrongDiscography:/strongbr /
2011 – At Six Feet – EPbr /
2013 – SOL #8211; EP/p
pstrongShared stage w/:/strongbr /
Putrescence, Dead Jesus, Unleash The Archers, West of Hell, Archspire, amp; many local bands./p
pstrongTours and Festivals:/strongbr /
Metal Wizard 2014br /
Lethbridge Deathfest 2014br /
Farmageddon 2014br /
Farmageddon 2013br /
Zombiefest 2013br /
Metal Mountain 2 amp; 3/p
/divbr / a rel=”nofollow” href=””img alt=”" border=”0″ src=”” //a img alt=”" border=”0″ src=”” width=”1″ height=”1″ /brbr
from Asher|Music Publicist’s Weblog

p style=”text-align:center;”ALBUM PROMOS FOR MEDIA COVERAGE (ex. feature, interview, album review, airplay, etc.) CAN BE REQUESTED a href=””HERE/a/p
p style=”text-align:center;” align=”center”strongR.I.Y.L: Hole, The Distillers, The Misfits, The Offspring, Paramorebr /
p style=”text-align:center;”a href=”″Tour Dates/a | a href=”” | a href=””Facebook/a | a href=”″Twitter/a | a href=””Youtube/a/p
p style=”text-align:center;”a href=””Reverbnation/a | a href=””Soundcloud/a | a href=””Instagram/a | a href=””Google +/a/p
p style=”text-align:center;”Buy Links: a href=””iTunes/a | a href=””Bandcamp/a/p
p style=”text-align:center;”a href=””EPK/a | a href=””Press Photo/a | a href=”″Download EP Cover/a | a href=”″Download Album Lyrics/a/p
p style=”text-align:center;”strongTOUR ALERT: Zombie Hunting Punks KILL MATILDA Embark On First US Tourbr /
p style=”text-align:center;”span class=”aBn”span class=”aQJ”img src=”” alt=”" width=”400″ height=”600″ //span/span/p
p style=”text-align:center;”span class=”aBn”span class=”aQJ”L-R – Marcus Luk (Drums) – Mykel Exner (Bass) – Dusty Exner (Vocals/Guitar) (Photo Credit: Terryis Gane)/span/span/p
pstrong    /strongZombie hunting punks strongKill Matilda/strong are proud to announce they will be embarking on their first US tour in promotion of their EPstrong #8216;Punk, Zombie, Rock n#8217; Roll#8217;/strong released earlier this year plus a sneak peak of new tracks not on the EP recorded with producer extraordinaire a href=””Garth Richardson/a. strong#8216;Punk, Zombie, Rock n#8217; Roll#8217;/strong features tracks from their 2011 full-length album ‘strongI Want Revenge’/strong with an acoustic rendition of strong‘Geisha With A Switchblade’/strong accompanied by a comic book created by vocalist/guitarist Dusty Exner that can be downloaded at a href=”” The band has been touring across Canada since the EP#8217;s release, even re-locating from their home base of Vancouver, BC to Toronto, ON./p
p#8220;We are so excited to be embarking on our first US tour. This has been a long time coming. We#8217;re ready to cleanse the Zombie Plague from our Southern Neighbours while dropping some of our new singles produced last year by Garth Richardson.#8221; comments vocalist/guitarist Dusty Exner./p
pAfter a small hiatus due to health issues from a tumor in a carotid artery and an Ectopic pregnancy, strongKill Matilda/strong hasn#8217;t let the odds against them stop them from an ass-kicking mission to Punk, Zombie and Rock n’ Roll across North America./p
pem“I have a guitar, I have a microphone. One week out of my hospital bed, I will meet you onstage.”/em Dusty Exner (vocalist/guitarist) – A Rocky Start, A Re-commitment – a href=””
pShowcasing their energy, power and adrenaline-soaked insanity they are famous for, strongKill Matilda/strong is rising to the challenge of zombie management. Specially trained to combat these unruly creatures, strongKill Matilda/strong is armed with two incomparable, indestructible, advantageous tools: With their bone-crushing music and front woman Dusty Exner’s famous cookies./p
pMusic Video #8211; I Want Revenge - a href=”″
pMusic Video #8211; Law Abiding Citizen - a href=””
pEP Stream - a href=””
pimg src=”” alt=”" width=”500″ height=”700″ //p
pstrongTour Dates:/strong/p
divspan class=”aBn”span class=”aQJ”Sept 5 /span/span- London, ON @ London Music Hall/Rum Runners/div
divspan class=”aBn”span class=”aQJ”Sept 11/span/span- Buffalo, NY @ The Forvm/div
divspan class=”aBn”span class=”aQJ”Sept 14/span/span - Brooklyn, NY @ Spike Hill/div
divspan class=”aBn”span class=”aQJ”Sept 18/span/span - Washington, DC @ The Pinch/div
divspan class=”aBn”span class=”aQJ”Sept 19/span/span - Baltimore, MY @ Club K/div
divspan class=”aBn”span class=”aQJ”Sept 25/span/span - Charlotte, NC @ Tommy#8217;s Pub/div
divspan class=”aBn”span class=”aQJ”Sept 26/span/span - Murrells Inlet, SC @ Rockin Hard Saloon/div
divspan class=”aBn”span class=”aQJ”Sept 27/span/span - North Charleston, SC @ The Mill/div
divspan class=”aBn”span class=”aQJ”Sept 28/span/span - Raleigh, NC @ Deep South/div
divspan class=”aBn”span class=”aQJ”Oct 7/span/span - Rochester, NY @ Bug Jar/div
divspan class=”aBn”span class=”aQJ”Oct 15/span/span - Brooklyn, NY @ The Trash Bar/div
divspan class=”aBn”span class=”aQJ”Oct 16/span/span - Philadelphia, PA @ Connie#8217;s Ric Rac/div
divspan class=”aBn”span class=”aQJ”Oct 19/span/span - Columbus, OH @ O#8217;Shecky#8217;s/div
divspan class=”aBn”span class=”aQJ”Oct 21/span/span - Louisville, KY @ Haymarket Whiskey Bar/div
divspan class=”aBn”span class=”aQJ”Oct 31/span/span - Toronto, ON @ TBA (Halloween Show)/div
divspan class=”aBn”span class=”aQJ”Nov 1/span/span - Cornwall, ON @ Lola#8217;s Pub amp; Grub/div
divspan class=”aBn”span class=”aQJ”Nov 2/span/span - Ottawa, ON @ Le Petit Chicago/div
divspan class=”aBn”span class=”aQJ”Nov 7/span/span - Montreal, QC @ TBA/div
divspan class=”aBn”span class=”aQJ”Nov 8/span/span - Montpelier, VT @ Charlie O#8217;s World Famous/div
divspan class=”aBn”span class=”aQJ”Nov 9/span/span - Winooski, VT @ The Monkey Bar/div
divspan class=”aBn”span class=”aQJ”Nov 15/span/span - Brooklyn, NY @ Gussy#8217;s Bar/div
divspan class=”aBn”span class=”aQJ”Nov 23/span/span - Melbourne ,FL @ Boondocks Bar/div
divspan class=”aBn”span class=”aQJ”Nov 28/span/span - Marietta, GA @ Swayze#8217;s Venue/div
divspan class=”aBn”span class=”aQJ”Dec 2/span/span - Topeka, KS @ Boobie Trap Bar/div
divspan class=”aBn”span class=”aQJ”Dec 20/span/span - Eugene, OR @ The Black Forest/div
divspan class=”aBn”span class=”aQJ”Dec 31/span/span - Vancouver, BC @ TBA (New Years Eve Show)/div
divspan class=”aBn”span class=”aQJ”Jan 2/span/span - Seattle, WA @ El Corazon/div
divspan class=”aBn”span class=”aQJ”Jan 19/span/span - St Louis, MO @ The Demo/div
divspan class=”aBn”span class=”aQJ”Jan 22/span/span- Des Moines, IO @ TBA/div
divspan class=”aBn”span class=”aQJ”Feb 14/span/span - Dunellen, NJ @ Roxy and Duke#8217;s/div
divspan class=”aBn”span class=”aQJ”Feb 18/span/span - New York, NY @ The Delancey/div
diva href=”″img src=”” alt=”#Punk#Zombie#Rocknroll – EP Cover – High Res” width=”300″ height=”300″ //a/div
divstrongTrack Listing: #Punk#Zombie#RocknRoll/strong/div
p1. Pomegranatebr /
2. I Want Revengebr /
3. Zombie Apocalypsebr /
4. Law Abiding Citizenbr /
5. PBJbr /
6. Geisha With A Switchblade (Acoustic)/p
pFor more info, please visit these links:/p
diva href=””www.KillMatilda.combr /
diva href=””
diva href=”″
divMusic Video #8211; She#8217;s A Killer #8211; a href=”” /
divMusic Video #8211; Fault Lines #8211; a href=”″
divEPK #8211; a href=””
p- 30 -/p
pstrong“Kill Matilda may be the best punk band you haven’t heard of. Based out of Canada and solely a DIY band, it’s very possible this female-fronted fist full of punk fury has flown under your radar. Not anymore, though. Their latest release, theem#Punk#Zombie#RocknRoll /emEP is a throwback to the classic punk movement with a little bit of horror rock mixed in, serving as an impressive tribute to The Misfits (not that new “Misfits” crap- the emreal /emMisfits).” – The Front Row Report/strong/p
p align=”center”strong“Opening up with Pomegranate and through to I Want Revenge hints of The Misfits and The Cramps instantly emerge from this vigorous group. Zombie Apocalypse and Law Abiding Citizen continue the mayhem through to the penultimate track PBJ which typifies your current day zombie. What really caught my attention was the final track Geisha With A Switchblade, this is a powerful depictive of the ultimate in revenge to a bad guy whilst enjoying every last detail. Check below the new video for Law Abiding Citizen and enjoy, if you’re nearby any venues these guys are tearing then get yourself down for a set of carnage!” All About The Rock UK/strong/p
p align=”center”strong“I can’t say enough good things about this 6 track EP from KILL MATILDA. This is one of those gems that you’ll be happy you found early enough before their RISE amongst the LIVING! Check em out” – Heavy Metal ICU/strong/p
p align=”center”strong“this is a fresh and exciting burst of musical energy that looks forward to the future rather than to late-90s nonsense. From the start, I loved the power of Dusty Exner’s voice. She can scream with the best of them, but—lucky for us—can also carry a tune.” – Sea of Tranquility/strong/p
p align=”center”strong“A six track extended player crashed landed in my inbox like a bull in a china shop thanks to a Punk Rock outfit called Kill Matilda… The title of this E.P. is “#Punk#Zombie#RocknRoll” and it takes no prisoners!” – Rockulus Maximus/strong/p
p align=”center”strong“if there’s one thing thing guaranteed to wake the slumbering beast from the annual hibernation it’s some gravelly voiced and quite frankly excellent punk. If you like Hole, The Misfits or The Offspring (and Yeah, Yeah Yeahs,) and let’s face it who doesn’t, then these guys are right up your alley…down and dirty punk with sexy riffs and a promise of blood, fists and stomping buy this on March 4th. You won’t regret it.” – Wyrd Ways Show Review/strong/p
p align=”center”strong“The EP is packed full of high energy, powerful tracks. I personally find that the band makes you feel like you are at their show, rocking out with them. It’s a mix of songs that gives you chills and makes you feel empowered by just listening.” – Canadian Beats/strong/p
diva href=”″img src=”” alt=”#Punk#Zombie#Rocknroll – EP Cover – High Res” width=”150″ height=”150″ //a/div
divstrongTrack Listing: #Punk#Zombie#RocknRoll/strong/div
div1. Pomegranatebr /
2. I Want Revengebr /
3. Zombie Apocalypsebr /
4. Law Abiding Citizenbr /
5. PBJbr /
6. Geisha With A Switchblade (Acoustic)/p
pstrongEP Credits:/strongbr /
• All songs performed and written by: Kill Matildabr /
• Produced by Mykel Exnerbr /
• Engineered amp; Mixed By Wes Kennedy except geisha acoustic by James Woodbr /
• Mastered by Dave Sheldon at 4th Dimension Audiobr /
• CD Cover by Mykel Exnerbr /
• CD Artwork by Mykel Exner/p
pimg src=”″ alt=”" width=”50″ height=”46″ /img src=”” alt=”" width=”92″ height=”39″ //p
pstrongbr /
divstrong /strong/div
divstrong“With their debut LP, Kill Matilda kicks zombie ass and takes no prisoners. Punk ‘n’ roll pulses through their veins like a narcotic substance, and frontwoman Dusty Exner is screaming like it’s the only thing keeping her alive. It’s a performance that makes her the center of attention for the whole record. The band bangs out solid rock riffs, every once in a while tapping into southern-fried hardcore grooves…I Want Revenge is a solid record from a promising new band.” – The Link (Concordia University Press – Montreal)/strong/div
pstrong“These guys and girl are one of the best unsigned bands I have ever seen live. Their raw performance filled the room with energy as they bashed on their instruments while vocalist Dusty Exner shouted and sang her lungs out.” – (Live Review)/strong/p
pstrong“If you’re into Hole, Die Mannequin or Bif Naked, you need to take a listen to Vancouver’s a href=”” target=”_blank”Kill Matilda/a.” –
pstrong“It’s always a pleasure to hear women rock out. Kill Matilda provided the perfect adrenaline rush…They had boundless energy, plenty of high volume power chords and shouted vocals….Joan Jett on steroids.” – LA Beat/strong/p
pstrong“More exciting and entertaining than any of the emResident Evil/em films, emI Want Revenge/em will kick your ass with the rage of ‘Zombie Apocalypse,’ the vengeance-inciting title track (‘I Want Revenge’), the police van burning ‘Law Abiding Citizen,’ and the machine-gun riffage of ‘PBJ.’  emI Want Revenge/em really is like the musical version of emLeft 4 Dead/em, and it’ll leave you with hours of enjoyment and bloodshed (probably from banging your head into the wall after a failed one-man-moshpit in your bedroom).” –
pstrong“First thing you have to know about Kill Matilda is they are going to rock the sh*t out of your skull. Either live or on I Want Revenge get ready for your head to explode with Heavy Riffs and Dusty’s ear piercing screams. But never overdoing the screams Dusty keeps the decibels in check. I got lucky and saw Kill Matilda before I got to listen to I Want Revenge and their live show just blew me away by how in your face their music is. With Harding pounding Guitar Riffs and the pounding volume to match each venue they play shakes the buildings rafters and leaves cracks in the foundations. This album is only a touch of what you can expect live, but in no way am I harping on the album I just have to get the point across of you need to see this band live.” – Kingston Music Reviews/strong/p
pstrong“This is definitely a band to keep an eye on.” – Abort Mag/strong/p
pstrong“One of B.C.’s big-city buzz bands” – Prince George Citizen/strong/p
pstrong“A highly energetic show …they play hard and Dusty wails on vocals while engaging the audience with ease.” – Yell Magazine!/strong/p
pstrong“I stood stoked and wanting more” – Renegade Rock Review/strong/p
pstrong“They’re loud, crazy and out of fucking CONTROL!” – Ninth Circle Radio/strong/p
pstrong“Kill Matilda’s sound can and will appeal to wider audiences.” –
pstrongShared Stage w/br /
/strong• Powerman 5000br /
• Ninjaspybr /
• Dollbr /
• Maximum RnR/p
pstrongTours amp; Festivals/strongbr /
• 2013 – BX Spring Women’s Rock Festivalbr /
• 2012 – Free Pussy Riot Fest at the Vancouver Art Gallerybr /
• 2011 – Zombie Apocalypse Canada Tourbr /
• 2011 – NXNE Music Fest (Toronto)br /
• 2011 – Touch of Death Fest (Cochrane, ON)br /
• 2010 – Fault Lines Canada Tourbr /
• 2009 – Nearly Famous Music Festival (Vancouver, BC)br /
• 2009 – Sugar amp; Spice Tour (Western Canada)br /
• 2009 – Vancouver East Side Youth Festivalbr /
• 2009 – UBC Performing Arts Showcase (Vancouver, BC)/p
pstrong2014 #8211; #Punk#Zombie#RocknRollbr /
pstrong2011 – I Want Revenge #8211; LPbr /
pstrong2010 – Geisha With A Switchblade #8211; EPbr /
pstrong2009 #8211; KILL MATILDA #8211; EP/strong/p
pnbsp;/pbr / a rel=”nofollow” href=””img alt=”" border=”0″ src=”” //a img alt=”" border=”0″ src=”” width=”1″ height=”1″ /brbr
from Asher|Music Publicist’s Weblog

p style=”text-align:center;”EP PROMOS FOR MEDIA COVERAGE (ex. feature, interview, album review, airplay, etc.) CAN BE REQUESTED a href=””HERE/a/p
p style=”text-align:center;”RIYL =  Avenged Sevenfold, The Human Abstract, August Burns Red, Trivium, Killswitch Engage, Lamb of God, As I Lay Dying, Miss May I/p
p style=”text-align:center;”a href=”″Tour Dates/a | a href=””Facebook/a  |  a href=””Twitter/a | a href=””Youtube/a | a href=””Soundcloud/a | a href=””iTunes/a/p
p style=”text-align:center;”a href=””EPK/a | a href=””Press Photo/a | Download EP Lyrics | a href=””Download EP Cover/a/p
p style=”text-align:center;”strongTour Alert: WHERE GIANTS ONCE STOOD Announce Summer Rumble Tour w/ Signifier (ON, QC, NS): New Music Video #8216;Living In Security#8217;; New EP Out Sept 2ndbr /
pa href=””img class=”aligncenter size-large wp-image-18343″ src=”” alt=”WhereGiantsOnceStood-Promo-LoganLights-1-HiRes” //a/p
p style=”text-align:center;”Jordan Turnbull – Lead Guitar/Back Up Vocals,  span class=”il”Reshaun/span Page – Lead Vocals ,  Scott Major – Rhythm Guitar/ Back  Up Vocals , Austin Hamilton- Drums  – Photo Credit – Logan Swinkels/p
p     Toronto, ON#8217;s metalcore quartetstrong Where Giants Once Stood/strong will be embarking on a two week strongSummer Rumble Tour/strong of Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia with Signifier kicking off August 8th in Belleville, ON. The tour is in support of their upcoming sophomore EP strong#8216;Live Above#8217;/strong produced by strongJon Howard/strong of strongThreat Signal /strongand due out on strongSeptember 2nd/strong to follow up last year#8217;s debut EP strong#8216;The Changing#8217;/strong. Their new video for their first single strong‘Living In Security’/strong was recently unleashed (link below) and was directed by Logan Swinkels of Logan Lights Creative. The video is an anthem for taking control of your own destiny, and deconstructs small-town complacency to showcase the band’s most creatively ambitious material to date./p
pVideo #8211; Living In Security - a href=””
pa title=”where giants once stood – ‘living in security’ official music video” href=”” target=”_blank”img src=”” alt=”where giants once stood – ‘living in security’ official music video” border=”0″ //a/p
pimg src=”” alt=”" width=”600″ height=”250″ //p
pstrongTour Dates:/strong Event Info - a href=”″
p08/08- Belleville, ON @ Belle Pubbr /
a href=””08/12- Montreal, QC @ Le Belmont /aspan class=”text_exposed_show”br /
08/14- TBAbr /
08/15- Fredericton, NB @ Elk#8217;s Clubbr /
08/16- Saint. John, NB @ Chucklesbr /
a href=”″08/17- Halifax, NS @ Plan B/abr /
08/18- Halifax, NS @ House Showbr /
a href=”″08/19- Halifax, NS @ Gus#8217; Pub/abr /
a href=””08/21- Sherbrooke, QC @ Bar Le Magog/abr /
08/22- Oshawa, ON @ Atriabr /
08/23- TBA/span/p
pa href=””img class=”alignnone wp-image-18346 size-medium” src=”” alt=”EP COVER – Where Giants Once Stood – Live Above 2014″ //a/p
pTrack Listing – Where Giants Once Stood – Live Above/p
p1. Living in Security (4:27)/p
p2. Illuminate (4:54)/p
p3. The Damaged (4:08)/p
p4. Myths Lies And Crimes (5:20)/p
pEP Length: 18:51/p
pstrongAbout: /strong/p
pstrongDue for release September 2, 2014, Where Giants Once Stood#8217;s new EP strong#8216;Live Above#8217; /strong/strongis the natural successor to 2013’s The Changing EP, which tore onto the iTunes metal charts in July 2013 with a debut at no.2, earning critical praise, sponsorship from Ernie Ball and a place on SoundSHOCK’s “Best of 2013”. The four new tracks on this EP take strongWhere Giants Once Stood/strong’s signature sound of scorching guitar work, “assaultive underbeats” and“drill-sergeant vocals” to soaring new heights, thanks to incendiary strongproduction by Jon Howard of Threat Signal/strong./p
p#8220;Since we started up last year, we’ve grown so much as musicians, as songwriters and as performers#8221;, reveals lead guitarist Jordan Turnbull. #8220;We knew the sound of this new material had to be something special to reflect that, and Jon Howard’s production has really taken the Giants sound to the next level!#8221;/p
pWhile W.G.O.S. have been winning fans on home turf with their frenetic live shows that have seen them share the stage with bands such as Chelsea Grin and Born of Osiris, social media is equally important to the band’s ethos as they use their online presence to connect with metal fans across the globe. Their stellar YouTube channel featuring everything from interviews and lyric videos to exclusive cover songs and blistering instrumental playthroughs, while their Instagram and Twitter feeds provide to-the-minute studio and live updates. Guitarist Scott Major explains, “Whether it’s keeping up with us on tour through Twitter or rocking with us on YouTube, we want you to get the full Giants experience wherever you are!”/p
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pstrongWhere Giants Once Stood – Live Above (2014)/strong/p
pRIYL =  Avenged Sevenfold, The Human Abstract, August Burns Red, Trivium, Killswitch Engage, Lamb of God, As I Lay Dying, Miss May I/p
pRelease Date: September 2, 2014/p
pDistribution: Online = Tunecore,  iTunes/p
pem#8220;This modern approach will certainly hold a lot of appeal to younger Metal fans, there are some good vocals from Reshaun Page, a mix of gutturals, screams and cleans and the balance between the two is about right, not too many cleans, which were a touch emotive for my personal tastes but nonetheless very well executed, the guy has a great voice and a phenomenal range. What did really appeal to me, personally, were the technical elements to the guitars from Jordan Turnbull, altogether the combination making a good debut release. ” – Metal Talk (Review of The Changing 2013)/em/p
address class=”im”em /em/address
address class=”im”em“Ringing guitars flanked by an assaultive underbeat and drill sergeant vocals combine to create a winning album by a band not afraid of hard work.” – New Canadian Music (Review of The Changing 2013)/em/address
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address class=”im”em“Where Giants Once Stood is a veritable Canadian metal force. A group who have a fairly good handle on mixing cleans and growls this band is simply fun to listen too. Their crazed riffs help to inspire circle pit starting fury in my heart and make me want to headbang until I throw my back out. Meanwhile the crushing playing on songs like Heavens Tremble shows a touch of the classic hardcore attitude promising a face ripping good time. Their mix of furious riffs and super technical solos is not to be missed.” – Two Guys Metal Reviews (Review of The Changing 2013)/em/address
pa href=””img class=”alignnone wp-image-18346 size-medium” src=”” alt=”EP COVER – Where Giants Once Stood – Live Above 2014″ //a/p
p[a href=""Download EP Cover/a]/p
pTrack Listing – Where Giants Once Stood – Live Above/p
p1. Living in Security (4:27)/p
p2. Illuminate (4:54)/p
p3. The Damaged (4:08)/p
p4. Myths Lies And Crimes (5:20)/p
pEP Length: 18:51/p
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div class=”im”strongEP Credits:/strongbr /
• All songs performed by: Where Giants Once Stoodbr /
• All songs written by: Where Giants Once Stoodbr /
• Produced by: Jon Howard from Threat Signalbr /
• Mixed by: Jordan Valeriotebr /
• Mastered by: Troy Glessner/div
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divstrongShared Stage w/br /
divChelsea Grin (Artery Recordings)/div
divVeil of Maya (Sumerian Records)/div
divIwrestledabearonce (Century Media)/div
divBeartooth (Red Bull Records)/div
div2013 – Where’s Your Head At Tour (ON, QC,)/div
div2013 – The Changing Eastern Canadian Tour (ON, QC, NB, NS)/div
divstrong /strong/div
divstrongDiscography/strongbr /
2014- Live Abovebr /
2013 – The Changing/div
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